Buying a Home in Placentia – A Pleasant Place to Live

The Placentia housing market is favoring buyers right now. The median home value in Placentia is $554,600 and is expected to continue rising over the next year. The median list price is currently $539,000 while the median sold price is $498,225. You’ll have value on purchase as long as you enlist the right Placentia realtor.

The first pioneers in Placentia purchased land in 1865, but it wasn’t until 1926 that it incorporated. The growth of the city was slow and by 1960 there were only 5000, but by 1970 there were 25,000. Today there are 45,000 citizens who are on average 36.0 years of age with a median household income of $74,776. The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is the largest employer with 2,500 employees. Many residents commute outside the city for work. The total area of the city is 6.6 square miles with a population density of 7,677.0 people per square mile. The percentage of households that are families is 75.6% while the average size of households is 3.1 people.

The climate of Placentia is Mediterranean which means small rainfall amounts and lots of sunny days, about 70% of them are cloudless.

In 2010 there were 16,872 housing units at an average density of 2,563.2 per square mile (989.7/km²), of which 10,681 (65.3%) were owner-occupied, and 5,684 (34.7%) were occupied by renters. The homeowner vacancy rate was 0.8%; the rental vacancy rate was 4.7%.

With such a long history, house styles in Placentia are quite diverse. You’ll find old farm houses, Victorians and homes from the early teens. But as you can see from the history the greatest growth period was in the 60s which means there are a number of homes built in that era. But newer homes abound as well. Many houses were built during the last boom in the 2000s.

The current market has many contemporary homes for sale, homes built in the last decade or two. Placentia is a growing city so there is also new construction. The Compass Walk community has lovely two-story, three bedroom homes by Olson Homes.

Placentia, meaning, a pleasant place to live, is a growing city with a past that is looking forward to a bright future. Living here will not only be pleasant it will be an investment you can trust.

Placentia Green Space

 Placentia has 10 parks within its boundaries. One of the most beautiful parks is the 40-acre Tri-City Park which has an eight acre lake where you can fish or float model boats. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails as well as playgrounds. Many of Placentia’s parks offer recreational facilities.

 Old Town Placentia

 A visit to Old Town Placentia is like taking a walk back in time. Its many brick and adobe style buildings harken back to an earlier era. This cute old town district offers residents an opportunity to enjoy delicious food and cute shops.

The highly rated restaurant in town is Tlaquepaque Restaurant which has been in Placentia since 1965. They offer authentic Mexican cuisine in a festive atmosphere. There are a number of Mexican restaurants in Placentia and most of them get high scores from the locals. Another great place is Orea Taverna & Wine Bar which offers up fantastic Greek cuisine along with an incredible selection of wines.

 Culture in Placentia

 You can visit with the past at the George Key Ranch Historic Park on which stands the home of George Key which was built in 1898. It is on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Its 2.2 acres is beautifully landscaped and well worth a visit on its own. Another historic home that is also on the National Register is The Bradford House, a beautiful Queen Ann Victorian. This house was built by successful rancher, Albert Sumner Bradford in 1902.

Placentia Schools

 Placentia schools are under the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. This district has 28 National Blue Ribbon, California Distinguished Schools and 95% of graduates go on to post-secondary schools.

 Public Transportation in Placentia

 In the works for Placentia is a Metrolink station. At the moment funding is still being negotiated and it may be a few years before it is complete.

Placentia is within 30 miles of three major airports and 15 Amtrak stations and the Orange County Transit Authority runs buses through the city. It is also near the Interstate 5 and California Route 55.

 Medical Facilities in Placentia

 Placentia-Linda Hospital provides a full range of service for residents. It is becoming one of the premier facilities in North Orange County. It’s nice to know that such a great hospital is so close.

 Real Estate Market Forecast for Placentia

 Placentia real estate value is on the rise and is expected to continue to go up over the next year. So while mortgage rates are still low and the market is in favor of buyers give me a call. I’d love to show you around this historic city that is looking towards the future.,_California