Buying a Home in Fullerton – A City with a Past and a Lively Present

The Fullerton, California real estate market is healthy. It’s a great time to buy a home in Fullerton where the median home value is $527,000. While the median list price is $549,000 the median selling price is lower. It’s a buyer’s market out there. It’s also important to find just the right Fullerton realtor, someone who knows the area, someone who will be sure to get you the best price for your new home.

I love Fullerton for its historical and diverse homes. It was founded in 1887 by George and Edward Amerige and incorporated in 1904. It has a population of 138,574 who are an average age of 34.8 years with a median household income of $65,648. California State University is the largest employer with 3,821 employees, though most residents commute elsewhere. The city is 22.4 square miles with a population density of 6,043.9 people per square mile. The percentage of households that are families is 68.8% and the average size of households is 2.9 people.

The climate of Fullerton is Mediterranean which means small rainfall amounts and lots of sunny days, about 70% of them are cloudless.

In 2010 there were 47,869 housing units at an average density of 2,140.5 per square mile (826.5/km²), of which 24,600 (54.2%) were owner-occupied, and 20,791 (45.8%) were occupied by renters. The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.1%; the rental vacancy rate was 7.0%.

There are ornate Victorians from the early years and Tudor and Neoclassical Revivals from the 20s. The real boom came after WWII when veterans returning from the war needed housing. Many of the houses built in Fullerton during the 30s and 40s are tract houses. By the mid-50s ranch style homes were being built.

Today you can find new construction in the form of townhouses by Olsen Holmes at Liberty Walk near Downtown Fullerton or the beautiful Standard Pacific homes in Amerige Heights.

Fullerton is truly a historical city with over a dozen properties on the National Register of Historic Places. Whole neighborhoods such as College Park have been recognized as preservation zones. If you like homes with character, Fullerton is the city for you. You can learn more on the Fullerton Heritage site.

Fullerton Green Space

 Living in Fullerton not only provides you with a sense of history, it provides you with an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. Green space abounds in this city. With 50 well maintained parks this relatively small city of just over 100,000 knows that shared open space is where community is made.

One of those parks is the Fullerton Arboretum. This beautiful garden is filled with a diverse selection of plants from around the world and provides a lovely respite as you wander the paths under large, shady trees.

 Downtown Fullerton

Though Fullerton may be a historical town, it’s not sleepy. Downtown Fullerton has a lively nightlife with a number of places to listen to live music. You can find most every genre, from jazz to rock to reggae and salsa. There are nearly a dozen cafes, bars and restaurants that offer live music. You’ll be sure to enjoy the dueling pianists at Matador Cantina with your Mexican-inspired cuisine or jazz performers from around the world at Steamers Jazz Club and Café.

Downtown Fullerton also has a number of boutiques carrying the latest trends or vintage fashion. You’ll also find that the city has a full range of grocery stores, from chains to specialty markets that carry Indian or Mexican fare.

Arts and Culture in Fullerton

 Living in Fullerton allows you to experience arts and culture right where you live. There is The Muckenthaler Cultural Center, affectionately known as The Muck, where you can see live performances, visit art exhibits in the gallery and take classes in painting or ceramics. Their vision is to be “a celebration of the human spirit through the arts.”

There are more live performances to take in over at the Fullerton Civic Light Opera, one of the largest theater companies in Southern California.

The Fullerton Museum Center offers exhibits and programs in the arts, humanities, history and science.

Fullerton Schools

A city with good schools is a city that cares. Fullerton has a great public school system and a few select private schools like IvyCrest Montessori Private School and Berkeley School, Academics and the Arts. Fullerton is also home to five post-secondary institutions, the largest being Cal State Fullerton.

Fullerton Public Transportation

Fullerton is serviced by the Orange County Transportation Authority as well as Amtrak and Metrolink at the historic Fullerton Transportation Center Station. There is also easy access to major freeways.

Medical Facilities in Fullerton

 There is a full service hospital in Fullerton; the St. Jude Medical Center provides everything from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Fullerton Real Estate Market Forecast

Besides being a good investment for your lifestyle, buying a house in Fullerton right now is a good investment for your pocketbook. Housing prices are forecast to continue to rise and for now, the mortgage rates are low. Contact me and I’ll show you around this great Southern California community.